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Connecting patients to local pharmacy services

Launching a better, simpler, smarter pharmacy finder in eight weeks

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The Challenge

As part of a 12 month digital transformation engagement with Well Pharmacy I worked on numerous projects with the aim of bringing the pharmacy into the digital age. The first priority on Well's strategic roadmap was to better connect patients and staff with local pharmacies and their services.

A key part of the challenge was to build the foundations of an accessible design system to meet the needs of a broad range of pharmacy users who are potentially sick and stressed at the time of use.

My Role

Lead UX Designer at Common Good


8 Weeks to Beta


User experience design
Interface design
Rapid prototyping
User testing
Workshop facilitation


Pen & pencil

The Process

Working in a small mixed discipline team of researchers, developers and software engineers, we adopted the lean method of build-measure-learn guided by user research and testing, which enabled us to validate an alpha prototype and launch the new Beta service in just 8 weeks.

Through conducting rapid guerilla reasearch in pharmacies we learnt that; accurate parking information and walking distances are vital for patients with mobility issues, busy patients need visibity of non dispencing hours, locum pharmacists and delivery drivers need additional store information, and that there was low awareness of additional free pharmacy services available to patients, such a new medicine support and travel vacinations.


Guerilla research
User interviews
User stories


Ideation workshop
Design system


Paper prototype
Lo-fi clickable Alpha
Live Beta


Guerilla testing
Remote testing


The Outcome

Through rapid prototyping, iteration cycles, and agile methods we delivered an AA accessibility grade solution responsive to all screen types and sizes. Interactions are delibratly light weight with content digestable in seconds and at a glance, even for people not wearing their reading glasses.

Patients can now rely on; accurate and up to date information about opening times and available pharmacy services, real time local parking data, and signposts to alternative NHS services when no open pharmacies are nearby. Delivery drivers and locum pharmacists now also benefit from more specific pharmacy details.

During this project I introduced lean an agile ways of working to Well Pharmacy whilst the company was in the process of building their own in-house digital team. Weekly show and tells gained positive feedback and enabled early buy-in which created a sense of inclusion for the wider Well Pharmacy team and business.


AA accessibility standard
Digital design system
Built on AWS cloud
Lean methods introduced to Well

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